Death Note episode 3 FULL Sub

ブログ貼り付け用タグ〔単体再生用〕 Subtitled by Toriyama World!Death Note is going to be uploaded as soon as I get it--before I have time to watch it myself! (I'll skim through it to make sure it's a good file though.) Don't worry, I get my hands on new episodes FAST!Also, I'm clipping out the intro song to the episodes (unless it's a new song, then I'm going to leave it in the first episode it plays in) so that there's even less waiting time for you guys! I know how it is--we want our anime and we want it NOW. I'm here to make things quick and easy for YOU because, as a YouTube anime watcher, I know how it is to have to wait. And I know how it is when the mood is spoiled.Join

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